Jennifer Clysdale ~ Therapist and Instructor



Therapy and Bodyworks

Equine Therapy is a natural and holistic approach to wellness for your equine partner.

Different modalities are used to achieve maximum results.

Therapies used include:

Massage Therapy



Pressure Point

Saddle Fit Assessment

Magnetic Therapy

A typical session will include a combination of techniques depending on what is required 

by the horse.  The initial therapy session includes a full assessment of the range of

motion and overall condition.  This also provides a guideline for improvement.

Equine Nutrition

By using an approach called muscle testing each horse can be assessed on an individual basis to determine nutritional needs.

Saddle Fit Assessment

So your horse has a sore back!?!?  During a session it may be determined that saddle fit could be a big issue and detrimental to your horse's performance.  Even if you have a custom saddle or a saddle recently fitted it does not mean that it still fits great because the horse's back changes with fitness level and exercise.  In fact your saddle should be rechecked frequently, especially if your horse is changing.


Rider Imbalance

Just as a saddle fit can severely hinder your horses performance so can imbalances in the rider.  Not to mention it will affect the horses performance.

Clinics and Seminars

Jennifer is available for groups, such as Pony Club, 4H, and riding schools,  to speak

about individual topics.  Some examples of topics that can be presented are Saddle Fit,

Rider Imbalance, Equine Muscles - an overview,  and Equine Nutrition.

Equine Rates (payment by cash, Visa, & Mastercard)

$75+HST per Session plus travel fee (please contact me for travel fee rate if outside Barrie, Orillia, Bracebridge areas, no travel fee in this region), each session is approximately one hour in length, if there are 3 or more horses at one barn then travel fee is waved regardless of distance

Canine Rates

$35+HST per session plus travel fee (please contact me for rate of travel), each session is approximately thirty minutes in length

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