Jennifer Clysdale ~ Therapist and Instructor


About Jennifer Clysdale

Since birth Jennifer has been a horse crazy child.  She started riding with her mother at six months of age and continued on to begin competing on the Trillium Circuit on her first show horse "Peepin' Tom" at the age of  twelve.  Her riding continued on and included showing at "A" shows.  It was during this time she felt a need for more preventative therapy after her show horse foundered.

Jennifer graduated in 2009 from BC College of Equine Therapy, a two year program in Equine Therapy that provided a broad range of therapeutic techniques and knowledge about the horse and entire body wellness.   Since beginning the program in 2007 Jennifer has been providing preventative therapy to equine and canine partners.

Therapy will help to prevent problems and issues from becoming worse and will also aid in healing current issues.


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